The slides used in the Tuesday and Thursday lectures will be posted here, shortly after the class.

Lecture 1, 8 January

Lecture 2, 10 January

  • Introductions to pH and Buffers, and UV-visible Spectroscopy
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Lecture 3, 15 January

Lecture 4, 17 January

Lecture 5, 22 January

  • UV-visible Spectrophotometry: Beer's Law and Measuring Protein Concentration
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Lecture 6, 24 January

  • Dealing with Uncertainties and Introduction to Curve Fitting
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Lecture 7, 29 January

Lecture 8, 31 January

Lecture 9, 5 February

Lecture 10, 7 February

Lecture 11, 12 February

  • Emzyme Kinetics Continued
    Due to a video system problem, this lecture was delivered without any slides. But, the slides that would have been used are available for download. These slides include ones that would have been used for clicker questions, but without the correct answers indicated. You are encouraged to give some thought to these questions.
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Lecture 12, 14 February

Lecture 13, 19 February

  • Analysis of Kinetic Data and Interpretation of Km and kcat
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Lecture 14, 21 February

  • Energy Profiles for Enzymatic Reactions and Making Insulin with Trypsin
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Lecture 15, 26 February

Lecture 16, 28 February

  • Reversible Inhibition Mechanisms, &beta-Secretase Inhibitors and Introduction to Irreversible Inhibitors
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  • A short news article about current approaches to developing drugs for Alzheimer's Disease just appeared on a web site covering biotechnology. Be aware that this is not a peer-reviewed article, but rather is published by an industry newsletter that may tend towards promoting the industry. Still, it is a good follow up to today's lecture.

Lecture 17, 5 March

Lecture 18, 19 March

  • Introduction to Electrophoresis and Thiol-Disulfide Chemistry
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Lecture 19, 31 March

  • More on Disulfides and Protein Folding: The Anfinsen Experiment
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