This page will contain links to a variety of information meant to supplement the lectures. The materials include an electronic textbook and the slides used in class, which I will post after the class sessions. As appropriate, I will also post links to other sites with related information.

Lecture Notes/Text Book

These fall somewhere between an outline of the material covered in class and a real text book, and are very much a work in progress. These notes are intended to provide a background and guide to the material covered in class, and, in some cases, goes into greater depth than we are able to in class. For quizzes and exams, you will only be responsible for what is actually covered in class, but reading the additional material may still be helpful in gaining a deeper understanding.

The notes are organized into chapters representing the major topics to be covered during the semester. These chapters will likely be updated as the semeater progresses. Major updates will be announced on the Updates page of this web site.

Lecture Slides and Other Items

Lecture 1, 20 August

Lecture 2, 22 August

Lecture 3, 24 August

Lecture 4, 27 August

Lecture 5, 29 August

Lecture 6, 31 August

Lecture 8, 7 September

  • Plinko Probabilities, Part II. Bionomial Coefficients and the Bionomial Probablity Density Function.
    Download slides

Lecture 9, 10 September

  • Plinko Probabilities, Part III: Expected values, variance and standard deviation
    Download slides

Lecture 10, 12 September

Lecture 11, 14 September

Lecture 12, 17 September

  • More on Random Walks: From 1 dimension to 2 dimensions
    Computational Simulations of Random Walks
    Download slides

Lecture 13, 21 Septemberg

Lecture 14, 24 September

  • The End-to-end Distance Distribution for a Tw0-dimensional Random Walk and Continuous Probability Distribution Functions
    Download slides

Lecture 15, 26 September

  • The Gaussian Probability Distribution Function and Introduction to Diffusion
    Download slides

Lecture 16, 28 September

Lecture 17, 1 October

Lecture 18, 3 October

  • Diffusion: Fick's Second Law
    Download slides

  • Simulation of Diffusion. The animated simulation of diffustion from a sharp bounddary that I showed in class was created in Mathematica, a computer program with a wide range of powerful tools for mathematics. Although Mathematica is quie expensive, the file for the simulation can be opened and used with a free player program avalialble from the makers of Mathematica, Wolfram Research.

    The simulation file can be downloaded here.

    The player program can be downloaded from:

Lecture 19, 15 October

Lecture 20, 17 October

Lecture 21, 19 October

Lecture 22, 22 October

  • A Plant Faces Diffusion (Part II)
    Download slides
  • For more information about the water flow in plants, see the web page of Prof. John Sperry, at the University of Utah.

Lecture 22

Lecture 24, 26 October

Lecture 25, 29 October

Lecture 26, 31 October

Lecture 27, 5 November

Lecture 28, 7 November

Lecture 29, 9 November

  • The Gibbs Free Energy Change and Equilibrium Constants for Chemical Reactios
    Download slides

Lecture 30, 12 November

Lecture 31, 14 November

  • Chemical Energy and Metabolism, and Introduction to Water
    Download slides

Lecture 32, 16 November

Lecture 33, 19 November

  • The Hydrophobice Effect and Introduction to Protein Folding
    Download slides

Lecture 34, 21 November

Lecture 35, 26 November

Lecture 36, 28 November

Lecture 37, 30 November 2018

Lecture 38, 5 December