There will be three in-class quizes; on 7 February, 21 March and 23 April. For the first two quizzes, about 25 min of the class period will be devoted to the quiz. The third quizz will occupy the full class period, will be cumulative and will count for twice as much as the first. Together the quizes will count for 20% of the total course grade.

The problem sets associated with the laboratory experiments are intended to provide practice in solving the sort of quantitative problems that will be emphasized in the quizzes. Working through these problems carefully and thoughtfully should be the best preparation for the quizzes. In fact, most of the problems are adapted from quizzes given in previous years.

For further practice problems, this page has links to the quizes from Spring Semester 2014 and 2015, in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.

As you will see, the questions are intended to test your ability to apply what you have done in class to new, but related, situations. This year's quizes will be similar in spirit but different in detail. Also, the exact topics covered by the individual quizes will reflect the lecture material, which varies a bit from year to year.

For full credit, questions must be answered clearly and completely. But, a short answer is often better than a long one! All of the work for calculations must be shown, and correct units must be included in answers.

Answers to these quizes are not provided here. The best way to use these quizzes, by far, is to first sit down with one of them by yourself and try hard to work the problems. After you have given the problems serious thought and done as much as you can on your own, then compare your results with those of other students. Also feel free to ask the TAs or the instructor for help.