Week of Topics
19 Aug. Introduction to class; The scale of things - units and dimensions
26 Aug. Introduction to probability
2 Sept. More on probability; Plinkos and the binomial distribution
9 Sept. Random walks in one, two and three dimensions
16 Sept. Random walks continued; Distribution of end-to-end distances; The Gaussian distribution
23 Sept. Diffusion; Fick's laws
30 Sept. More on diffusion: Molecular motions in gasses and liquids
7 Oct. Fall Break!
14 Oct. Biological implications of diffusion: Water loss from plants and bacterial chemotaxis
21 Oct. Thermodynamics: Energy, heat, work and entropy
28 Oct. Thermodynamics continued: Free energy and chemical thermodynamics
4 Nov. Water and hydrophobicity
11 Nov. Lipids and biological membranes
18 Nov. Protein folding: Energetics, mechanisms and when things go wrong
25 Nov. Molecular motors
2 Dec. Molecular motors continued