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Notes on Experiment 5
  • If, for some reason, your SDS gel was damaged or is otherwise unusable for the analysis, you may download an image of a similar gel here to use for your analysis. But, you should also include an image of your gel and an explanation of what went wrong and why you couldn't use it.
    SDS gel image
  • The sample of molecular weight markers contains eight proteins, as listed on page 160 of the lab manual. But, you may only see seven bands on your gel, as on this one, or even just six. Small proteins, such as BPTI, are often problematic on SDS gels, probably because they tend to diffuse during the electrophoresis, leading to very broad bands that sometimes can't even be detected. If this happened on your gel, just assume that the six or seven bands that you do see represent the the larger proteins listed in the table.